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Things to do in Marrakech

Tips For a Pleasant Stay in Marrakesh

What to Wear

Check the temperature for the time of year you are arriving in Marrakech so that you bring the correct clothing. For the months from November to March it is also advisable to take a rain jacket, as it can rain.

In the hot summer months wearing light, loose, cotton clothing is advised. A hat or turban is a must to protect the head against the heat and sun.

  • Majorelle blue from Majorelle gardens in Marrakech

In autumn and spring a light jacket or fleece is recommended; the evenings can be quite cool. Although it may be sunny and warm during the day, evenings are often cool requiring a wrap or jacket.

In winter, warm clothing is a must.

If you are going to the desert during the winter months, please note that the temperatures drop considerably and you will need winter layers to stay warm at night and early in the morning.

Dress Code

While Morocco welcomes all visitors, it is an Islamic country and following cultural standards of modesty is advisable to prevent problems during your stay.

Wearing short skirts, short pants, and tight clothing is not recommended – especially in small towns and rural areas. Legs and shoulders are considered private body parts in Morocco and should be kept covered.

So as not to get hassled, we advise women travelling on their own to dress modestly. You will see tourists wearing all kinds of skimpy outfits and it is tolerated, but it is easier to do if you’re in a group.


Marrakech is generally safe and violent crime is not considered a major problem.

Pick-pocketing can occur, so it is best to follow common sense travel safety tips such as keeping your valuables in a safe place and travelling in groups. Dress conservatively and respect the local culture to avoid problems.

The government is very keen to promote tourism and have introduced plain-clothes policeman who patrol the souks and tourist places. This has certainly reduced the harassment which, at one stage, had reached ridiculous levels.

Guides offering their services should display an official badge issued by the local authorities. The riad is happy to arrange an official guide, where you can be sure that the guide is properly trained and registered.

There will, however, be a lot of people trying to part you from your money. Street hustlers and scam artists posing as guides, as well as harassment of women are all common, but in fact are more irritating than a real safety concern. Please read our tips on how to deal with this.

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