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Things to do in Marrakech

Shopping in Gueliz, the new town of Marrakech

There are oodles of places to go shopping in Marrakech. Here are our suggestions for shopping in Gueliz. Ask us if you need to know where to go in Marrakech.

  • Place Vendome leather store in Marrakech

Carré Eden in the new town of Marrakech has been under construction for about 5 years and now it is finally finished. It provides not only apartments but a small indoor (air conditioned) shopping mall.
That area of Guèliz, Marrakech, at the intersection of the main shopping street, Mohamed V, and the Rue de la Liberté, now offers quite a few interesting stores and restaurants. Some have been around for years and others are new.
There is lovely new café, La Table du Marché*, offering delicious smoothies, coffees, cappuccinos, etc. and healthy food. Very clean and modern looking. Wander inside to be tempted by what is on offer. It’s part of the Carré Eden complex and faces Mohamed V Street.
On the west side of Mohamed V, you have Place Vendôme that has been around forever and sells high-quality leather goods, anything from saddles to the smallest purse.

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*not to be confused with La Table du Marché inside the Hivernage Hotel, although the two are connected business-wise.

  • Intensite Nomade clothing designer in Marrakech

On the opposite (north) corner there is Intensité Nomade, another store that has been around for a long time and owned by Frederique Birkemeyer, a high-end fashion designer. Inspired by the two cultures, European and Moroccan, Frédérique presents a collection of hand-stitched, woven and sewn caftans as well as a ready-to-wear line and a range of accessories. You can find lovely accessories, bags, scarves, belts. Downstairs there are beautifully-made dresses, caftans, as well as delicate cashmere sweaters.
If you continue along Rue de la Liberté (heading west), you will find some antique stores, the trendy restaurant, Kechmara, and just opposite a small boutique, Côté Sud, selling small items that are great to take home as gifts—small bags, totes, cushion covers, beautifully decorated hand towels, hammam towels, jewelry, sequined baskets (for a bit of bling), tunics, and more.

On the same street Rue de la Liberté but the other side of Mohamed V, heading east, you will find the shoe store, Atika, often filled with French women snapping up the great shoes. Further along is a newly-opened French restaurant, Le Bon Marché, a trendy and upmarket restaurant offering lunch and dinner. The linear gas fireplace makes the place cozy yet super modern.
Towards the end of this street you’ll find Scènes de Lin – beautifully designed and expertly made household items, large and small--from settees to dining tables and chairs, to bathroom robes, towels, tablecloths as well as lots of small decorative items. The store also sells high-quality fabrics. It’s worth it just for admiring their original design ideas.

  • modern art David Bloch Gallery in Marrakech

It’s worth going along Rue des Vieux Marrakchis that is a small street half way along this side of rue de la Liberté – there are quite a few boutiques worth investigating:
Michèle Baconnier – a well-established store in Marrakech with unusual designs in both clothing and housewares.
David Bloch Art Gallery – always showing modern art this gallery specializes in street art and has become a platform for up-and-coming French and Moroccan artists. The gallery, housed in a stark concrete block covered with colorful graffiti, creates yet more buzz in the ever-evolving city.
Amina – boutique next door to David Bloch Art Gallery with a selection of Moroccan clothing and decorative items similar to Michèle Baconnier.
Moor / Akbar Delights – The MOOR collection created in 2007 by Akbar Delights mixes collections of tunics, accessories and some traditional Moroccan objects. Beautifully designed and fabricated tunics and jackets in a couture spirit share space along with original designs in household decorative pieces: stools, pouffes, lamps, pictures, cushions, rugs, antique items displayed in a novel way (the latest are carved wooden African pieces set vertically on a simple plinth), artistic pieces.
Atelier Nihal – traditional and bespoke handwoven fabrics by Marion Verdier. Here you’ll find quite unique items – it’s similar to the avant-garde design spaces you find in Sidi Ghanem. They are really well made pieces, from tiny change purses to larger bags and cushion covers.

  • Bag Place Vendome leather store in Marrakech
  • images, Le Bon Marché restaurant in Marrakech
  • Moor store designer boutique in Marrakech
  • Coussins gris Atelier Nihal shoppping Marrakech
  • Le Bon Marché restaurant in Marrakech
  • Kechmara restaurant in Marrakech

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