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Things to do in Marrakech

Marrakech for a different experience

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Ok, so you used the latest technology to book your holiday to Marrakesh – and it’s truly amazing, you can book directly online for a hotel, your flight and even excursions. You can find out what’s to see round about your hotel, where to eat, what not to miss. It’s all wonderful.
Once you’re in situ, you want to feel part of your new surroundings in this exotic location... only about 3 hours away from Europe.
You’re on holiday to relax, gain new experiences and see another way of living or experience a different culture. You might even want to travel back in time.
So we’ve tried to accommodate you on all fronts. We’re both ahead and behind the times – we use technology to make getting to Marrakech easy and secure. Once you’re here, we want you to feel you’ve stepped back in time in a place that’s a couple of hundred years old in an old city that has a mediaeval feel to it with its narrow, winding alleys and transport via handcarts and donkey carts.
We hope we have succeeded in blending modern and ancient: offering modern conveniences, which these days means free Wifi as well as ensuite bathrooms with running hot water (solar-heated in our case), slow-cooked food spiced deliciously using fresh ingredients organically grown, old-world guest service that is warm and sincere. We understand that the Marrakech medina can be daunting for first-time travellers, so we help you out, as much or as little as you want, so that your experience is one you cherish.

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Marrakesh itself provides the rest of your experience: it’s a mixture of modern and ancient. Modern Marrakesh can be found in the new town of Guèliz with its European-style outdoor cafés and stores with fixed prices. Ancient Marrakesh is found in the medina (old city) with its colourful, busy local markets (souks / suqs). There are lots of handmade items to be bought and not just the traditional products but really up-to-date ones with modern, innovative designs. Take pottery, for example, you can find traditional pots and dishes as well as sleek modern versions of the same. You can find handmade baskets that sell for 4 or 5 euros – which if you found in your home country would be 20 euros or more. Even the most basic of products, a shopping basket, has been updated. See all the bling wastebaskets in our riad sparkling away with brightly coloured sequins. You’ll find items not found anywhere else – and many are small and light enough that you’re not worried about your measly luggage allowance from the airlines.
Some items, such as Moroccan handwoven carpets, are timeless – they are of ancient design, individual to each village where they’re handmade, but look absolutely modern and chic.
We give lots of shopping ideas (and where to find them) on our blog neatly categorized according to market place (the medina, the new town of Guèliz, the design district of Sidi Ghanem).

So please come and stay with us in our luxury boutique hotel in Marrakech and let us help you discover Marrakech.

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