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Things to do in Marrakech

Hamid Khantour's art showing in our Marrakech riad

  • Art exhibition Riad Sapphire and Spa riad in Marrakech

We have a tiny art exhibition in Riad Sapphire and Spa - featuring the work of Marrakech artist Hamid Khantour

The works are on consignment and can be purchased  by our clients. Don't worry you don't have to pack the frame in your suitcase. He will come and roll it up for you to handcarry back home or to put in your suitcase.

They feature his impressions of the main square in Marrakech, Place Jemaa el Fna'. Apart from the beautiful mix of colours, I love the portrayal of the crowds in the main square - in a group but nevertheless each individual is separate  - as in fact we are in life. Muslims also believe that in death you are on your own and your actions in life are your responsibility alone. 

These particular works portray males only, but he also has works that are of females only.

Morocco's pop artist Hassan Hajjaj

  • Hassan Hajjaj woman on bike Marrakech
  • Hassan Hajjaj woman on motorbike Marrakech

Hassan Hajjaj has become the Moroccan Andy Warhol – check out his funky photos of Marrakchi women on motorbikes, all part of his Kesh Angels exhibition that was shown in New York in March 2014 at Taymour Grahne Gallery

Hajjaj is a self-taught photographer – with roots in North Africa and in the UK – allowing him to create a fusion of Western hip-hop, reggae and club scenes with Moroccan pop art.

For more examples of the work of Hassan Hajjaj  

In a fascinating interview by Salwa Benaissa with Hassan Hajjaj learn about his background, his struggles and his outlook on life

Here is his Facebook page:

  • Hassan Hajjaj store Marrakech

And he doesn’t stop at photography, he makes furniture, designs clothing.
He has also opened a tea room, boutique and art gallery all in one in a converted Marrakech riad. So if you want to see a living art exhibition, and have some Moroccan tea, perhaps a meal, head over to Riad Yima near the main square, Place Jemaa el Fna' in Marrakech.

Riad Yima boutique; tea room; art gallery in Marrakech featuring Hassan's own pop modern designs.

52 derb Aarjane Rahba lakdima Medina
Marrakech Morocco
Tél: +212 (0) 524-391-987

  • Hassan Hajjaj babouches Marrakech
  • coca cola sofa Hassan Hajjaj Marrakech

Beyond Limits Sotheby's Sculptural Exhibit

  • Chatsworth UK Lori Park sculpture artists in Marrakech
  • Lori Park bronze sculpture artist in Marrakech

Lori Park, Sculptor living in Marrakech

Marrakech is a magnet for artists thanks to its magnificent light. We are thrilled that Lori Park, an artist friend of ours living in Marrakech, is exhibiting at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire as part of the Sotheby’s « Beyond Limits » sculpture exhibition with her spectacular sculpture Silk Weaver.
To quote from the Sotheby’s catalogue :
“Lori Park is an American sculptor, living and working in Marrakech. Her works are informed by the vibrancy and colour that she has encountered in North Africa. In 2007 she held a solo exhibition at the Museum of Marrakech, the core of which was a series of 'Radiance' figures: large, female, textured forms characterised by their sense of movement and sensuality.

  • Detail Lori Park bronz sculpture artist in Marrakech

The model for Silk Weaver was part of this series. Patinated in cornflower blue, a rich hue inspired by novalis, a deep tone long-associated with romance in literature, and decorated with carved roses, Silk Weaver is a beautiful and strong expression of romance and femininity. The cascading layers of the blue bronze crumble to the ground in a waterfall of texture while the bronze mesh, forming the upper torso of the figure, adds a sensitive and fragile element.”

Link to Sothebys

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