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Things to do in Marrakech

5 best buys from Marrakech

Where to go in Marrakech to get great buys.

  • gifts from Marrakech

Marrakech has such an abundance of unusual products it’s hard to know what to get – assuming that you have a limited budget and travel allowance and cannot buy everything on sight.
Here are our suggestions for great buys in Marrakech – for yourself or as gifts. We have chosen items that do not weigh much and take little space in your suitcase.

  • Bennouna Faissal beautiful scarves handwoven in Marrakesh

1. Handwoven scarves – there are a variety dangling in the air in various stores in the medina. Some are made of ‘silk’ – a twine made from ‘sabr’ , the prickly pear cactus plant. The colours are fast and the fabrics can be used not just for scarves, but for cushions, throws, bags, even babouches. See our video showing our local weaver using his ancient loom. Our favourite scarves are the more subtle scarves woven in cotton/linen that are superfine and in more muted colours. 

  • shopping Marrakech basket

2. Shopping baskets – although they look as though they take space, in fact you can stuff them with your clothes so that the only space they require in a suitcase is the perimeter of the basket. They are the world’s eco-answer to plastic shopping bags! Stylish, practical, natural, beautiful and cheap!

  • Organic soaps Natus Marrakech

3. Organic soaps heavenly scented—they keep their scent for months and months – I often just leave them in a drawer to scent my clothes, then remember to give them as gifts months later. Available at a fraction of the price in Europe/UK or elsewhere.  We get our organic toiletries from Natus

  • red pouch Marrakech

4. Embroidered pouches – you can find them all over the suqs, small pouches made of faux-leather, plastic sacking, fabrics – all with pretty embroidery. They make great presents. I find them super useful as make-up bags, a hold-all for my keys, one spot for credit cards ...

Almost forgot, they also have cute tassels.

  • Bic pens from Marrakech

5. Bic pens in disguise – who ever would have thought that the ubiquitous bic pen could be transformed into something beautiful. A great gift item. You can buy loads to give as gifts.

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