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Information on Public Hammams in Marrakech

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Incredibly cheap – and offering an intimate insight into everyday life – a visit to a public hammam is a truly authentic Moroccan experience you won’t forget in a hurry. One of the earliest known bathing rituals, the hammam (which literally translates as ‘spreader of warmth’) has long been used in Islamic countries to maintain good health. But, there’s much more to them than that. Famously, hammams are a meeting place. They are patronized by the population as frequently as time and finances allow.

All life can be found inside. Likely marriage candidates are often spotted in the hammam by future mother-in-laws and young mothers often chat with older women for advice on child-rearing. The hammam is as much a place for gossip as spiritual purity. As a result, hammams offer the visitor a fascinating snapshot of Moroccan life.

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Today, there remains a social hierarchy within the hammam. Older women enjoy their regular favoured basins and positions, while novices have to make do with whatever space is going.

There are so many fascinating rituals surrounding the hammam you could write a book about hammams, and naturally, some writers have (see our 'Essentials' tab).

Of course, hammams are not only historical and social but are utterly heavenly places to pamper yourself in and are the best place in the world to get squeaky clean. Today, many boutique hotels, riads, luxury hotels, spas and health centres in Morocco like to offer the traditional hammam experience to their guests.

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