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Moroccan Spa Rituals Using Clay and Argan Oil

If a hammam is not your thing, or if you have tried one, and you are keen to try another no less relaxing, or effective Moroccan spa treatment, what should you opt for?

Ghassoul Ritual

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A ghassoul ritual can be self-administered, which means it is a great tradition to try at home. Used in hammam treatments, ghassoul clay has been used for well over a thousand years as a soap, shampoo and skin conditioner. It is cheap as chips and comes highly recommended!

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The clay is found deep underneath the fertile Atlas Mountains and is known for its quality and purity. To be processed it is unearthed, dried and made into a fine silky powder.

It contains many spa-worthy ingredients including silica, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Research into the medicinal qualities of the clay have proven that it has many benefits. It is known to ease dry skin, remove blemishes by unblocking pores and increases elasticity.

It is incredibly easy to use. You simply mix half a handful of clay with tepid water and mix into a paste. Then, it can be applied to hair and skin, used as a soap or a mask (leave on for 15 minutes). Seal the benefits with your usual moisturiser and without doubt you’ll notice smoother, cleaner skin.

Argan Facial

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Argan oil might not look like much, but it packs a wellness-punch.

There’s a good reason why Moroccan women swear by it and that is because it is a highly effective at deep cleansing and nourishing skin. Crucially, it is an excellent tonic for maintaining youth too so naturally some western brands have heavily bought into it!

It is suitable for all skin types, it nourishes and soothes, and like ghassoul clay, it can be used in many different ways, on skin, nails and hair. Despite being classed as an oil, it is non-greasy and does not sit on the skin. It absorbs quickly and easily.

Containing a high percentage of fatty acids (excellent for healthy skin) it is also rich in the antioxidant, vitamin E. The best way to use this is by warming a few drops in the palm of your hand, then rubbing it into cuticles, knees, elbows and lightly elsewhere. It is excellent for frizzy hair, just don’t use too much and apply to split-ends and tips.

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