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Marrakech for Culture Vultures

Art Galleries / Exhibitions

Just being in Marrakech – with all the bright sunshine and colour – provides artistic stimulus, but there are plenty of wonderful art galleries to admire too while you are here.

Take a look at our blog for up-to-date information on art exhibitions in and around Marrakech -

Marrakech Medina

Hamid Khantour artist in Marrakech

  • Hamid Khantour artist in Marrakech

We discovered some time ago that often you don’t have to go very far at all to discover great art, in fact, sometimes it is right on your doorstep, or next door, especially in Marrakech.

So, with this in mind we were delighted to discover the work of Hamid Khantour, right by the well-known bar and restaurant Café Arabe. A wonderful way to combine browsing in the souks with a delicious lunch.

Khantour has a workshop (located at 1954 rue el Mouassine) housed in a traditional foundouk. ‘Foundouk’ means ‘hotel’ in Arabic, but specifically these are old hotels used by travelling merchants. Many were built large enough to hold animals – hence some of enormous doors in the medina. ‘Caravanserai’ is another word for this type of place and they can be found all along the Silk Road, especially in Central Asia in the cities of Samarkand and Bukhara. These days the foundouks are used to house craftsmen and artists.

Khantour was born in Marrakech and his work often depicts busy market scenes, or crowds of people, which from a distance look like patterns. He uses thick and colourful brush-strokes and his work is distinctly Moroccan. You can view Khantour’s work on his FaceBook page: or you can email him at

Maison de la Photographie

A treasure trove of unique photos the Maison de la Photographie in the Medina of Marrakech is definitely worth the visit. 

These photos are so beautiful and special. The owners, Patrick Manac’h and Hamid Mergani have collected about 8,000 original prints, diverse specific collections, a large number of glass stereoscopic plates, documentaries and postcards documenting life in Morocco from 1870 to the 1950’s. The Maison de la Photographie of Marrakesh, created in 2009, is now one of the most important museums of photography in North Africa.

  • Maison de la Photographie
  • Maison de la photographie Marrakech first floor

After only a short time after opening, Maison de la Photographie was at the top of the list of things to see in Marrakech. In spite of being housed in a small, modest space, not far from Le Foundouk restaurant in the medina of Marrakech, it has captured the imagination of many. Perhaps it’s the evocation of a lost era. It’s a veritable treasure of unique photos….

  • Maison de la Photographie roof terrace Marrakech

Entrance tickets are very reasonable, 40 dirhams, last time I was there and you can use them more than once.
Maison de la Photographie must have the highest roof terrace in Marrakech with a really fantastic view over the medina and the Atlas mountains in the distance where you can order a tajin or mint tea. Well worth a visit.

Tel.: 05 24 38 57 21

It must have the highest roof terrace in Marrakech with a really amazing view over the Medina and the Atlas mountains in the distance.

Guèliz, the New Town of Marrakesh

Guèliz has several interesting art galleries and lots of excellent restaurants.

Here are a few ideas for a cultural day out.

Black on White Gallery – Art in Marrakech

Sometimes an afternoon calls for a cultural outing. While in Marrakech there is ample to see just from wandering the lanes, the cool of an art gallery offers space for quiet reflection. A visit to the serene Black on White gallery is a great choice.

  • Black and White Gallery

A sleek and modern space, the gallery promotes contemporary art in Morocco via various mediums – from painting, drawing, sculpture and photography to installation, performance and video art. The gallery represents twenty artists and highlights their work through regular exhibitions.

Gueliz, 48 rue Yougoslavie, 1st floor, Imm. Adam Plaza

Gallery Rê in Marrakesh

  • Gallery Rê in Marrakesh

Gallery Rê in Guèliz has been designed specifically for contemporary art. The gallery has quickly earned acclaim for showing the works of established and emerging artists from Morocco and the Mediterranean. Its aim is to nurture the best talent from the new generation of artists. Worth a visit.

Résidence Al Andalous III

Angle Rues de la Mosquée et Ibn Toumert No 3


More information on the gallery here:

After all this culture treat yourself to a lovely lunch or evening meal at any of these restaurants in Guèliz - “Karobase”, “Café du Livre”, Grand Café de la Poste, Brasserie de Flore.

Ministry of Taste, Marrakech

  • Ministry of Taste, Marrakech

Former style editor,Alessandra Lippini of Italian Vogue and her partner, Fabrizio Bizzarri, have to be one of the most stylish couples in Marrakech. It’s true that there are quite a few concept shops now in the city, but this fabulously fashionable pair kick-started the trend several years ago and their emporium-cum-gallery, Ministero Del Gusto, is an inspirational and good-looking space. Racks of carefully chosen vintage couture clothes stand alongside designer wooden furniture, bas reliefs and trinkets that have been sourced from all around the world. 

The space is also a hive of creativity and a few times a year the couple put on an art exhibition or a musical gathering, a taster of their art and design school which they have created along with Italian architect Sergio Calatroni located out in Tahanaout (20km ½ hour or so away). Make an appointment if you can, but impromptu visits are also welcomed.

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