Boutique Hotel Riad Sapphire & Spa - Slimane, Marrakech Medina, 40046, Morocco
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Luxury Riad Boutique Hotel in Marrakech


Boutique Hotel Riad Sapphire & Spa

Planning a holiday, city break or long weekend in Marrakech? Book your luxury hotel accommodation at an affordable rate. Stay in our chic luxury boutique hotel in Marrakech, RIAD SAPPHIRE AND SPA aims to give guests an authentic experience and enjoy a more affordable kind of luxury in a stylish property. BEST PRICE GUARANTEE English-owned cool riad hotel, attracts all age groups. Cool, modern interiors mixed with Moroccan craftsmanship. Enjoy the roof terrace – two courtyards with fountains and swimming pool. We also serve Moroccan & European cuisine. 8 lovely suites, with adjoining bathroom, heating & air conditioning. Book today!
Marrakesh has been named the world’s best destination in TripAdvisor 2015 AND 2016 Travelers’ Choice . Marrakech is a great place for a city break and winter sun.
Do you want to know where to go in Marrakech? Our website has suggestions and, on the ground, we are happy to help you out in order that you get the most out of your stay and ensure that you have a great stay.

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